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Splatoon’s TRUE Final Global Test Fire! All Timezones Listed!

WiiU_Splatoon_char_08Splatoon is on everyone’s mind (or at least on mine) ever since the first ever Global Testfire.

If you looked at my impressions post, you could easily tell that the Global Testfire hyped me up for Nintendo’s latest IP and from the looks of it, it seems to have hyped up many other Nintendo fans and that would be no surprise to anyone who played the demo. Yes, it was that much fun.

Nintendo is going to be holding the true final Global Testfire tomorrow (May 23) and to help everyone out, here’s EVERY time that the demo will be live…

Splatoon Global Testfire Times:

  • PDT: 3PM – 4PM
  • EST: 6PM – 7PM
  • BST: 11PM – 12AM
  • CEST: 12AM – 1AM
  • JST: 7AM – 8AM
  • AEST: 8AM – 9AM

If you didn’t get to try out the previous Global Testfires, here’s your chance.

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